Costa Rica barista champion in training for next world championship in Italy

April 3, 2014

Two-times Costa Rica National Barista Champion, María Auxiliadora Bonilla, is highly concentrated in training for her next participation in the World Barista Championship, to be held in Rimini, Italy, on June 9 to 12.

Costa Rica high quality demanded by world renowned baristas

March 12, 2014

Two of the most popular Baristas, World Champion, American Pete Licata, and Japanese Champion, Hidenori Izaki, traveled a long way to acquire the great Costa Rica Coffee quality bean to compete in the World Barista Championship (WBC).

Costa Rican coffee farmers affected by Rust will be helped by a national trust

March 12, 2014

Coffee Producers whose harvests were sharply reduced by coffee rust incidence, and other contingencies related to agro farming, will receive help from the Costa Rican Government, a $40 millions, Trust.

Café de Costa Rica in a very atractive book

March 12, 2014

Costa Rican Coffee Institute has produced an excellent book portraying the role of coffee growing and exporting in defining and building our character and identity as a Nation.

A new coffee variety tolerant to rust

March 12, 2014

As another contribution to strengthen the strategy and campaign for the coffee rust integrated control, Costa Rica Coffee Institute, ICAFE, is offering Obata to Producers, a highly productive, with rust tolerance, and a great cup quality variety.

Costa Rican Coffee – The Spirit of a Nation

December 14, 2013


2014 Costa Rican Barista Champion

November 9, 2013

For a second year in a row and against four experienced competitors, María Auxiliadora Bonilla, achieved the Costa Rican National Barista Champion.

Café de Costa Rica in Australia International Fair

August 7, 2013

Café de Costa Rica was at Melbourne International Coffee Expo, MICE, held from 23 to 26 May at the Melbourne Show Grounds. Australia.

Trust to support farmers affected by Coffee Rust

August 7, 2013

In July 2013, the President of the Republic, Laura Chinchilla, signed the “Law for establishing the Trust to Support Coffee Producers affected by Coffee Rust” thereby providing the coffee farmers of Costa Rica –mainly smallholder farmers –with a tool that will be of great help now that they require support in order to continue producing this crop.

Cup of Excellence 2013 – Gives West Valley Coffee First Place

August 7, 2013

The best 2013 Café de Costa Rica in the Cup of Excellence competition is grown at 1600 meters on Mr. Oldemar Arrieta and Mrs. Marlene Brenes Don Fidel farm, in Cirrí Lourdes of Naranjo, west of Costa Rica. Coffees from Central Valley and Tarrazu Regions had also won first places in this Internet Auction in recent years.