April 1, 2016

Costa Rican coffee cupper, Juan Gabriel Céspedes is, for the second consecutive year, World Champion in this specialty, award obtained in the competition carried out in Shanghai, China, from March 29th thru April the 1st.



During the four-day championship, Juan Gabriel managed to defeat 33 competitors from all around the world. Yesterday, he went from quarter-finals to semi-finals and today he defeated contenders from South Korea, Germany and Austria.


In the final phase, Céspedes achieved six of eight successes in 7.41 minutes, Dongho Lee from Korea five in 7.50, Mateusz Petlinski from Germany four in 4.12 and Boris Ortner from Austria three in 4.27 minutes.


In the semi-finals Patricia Birungi of Uganda, Viktoria Sharkova of the Russian Federation, Sore Pehrson of Denmark and Héctor Gonzalez of Guatemala, were eliminated.


In the World Championship professional coffee cuppers are rewarded for demonstrating speed, skill and precision in distinguishing the differences in the flavor of the specialty coffees of the world. The objective is for cuppers to discriminate between the different coffees.


Three coffees cups are placed in a triangle, with two of them identical and one different. A total of eight triangles are placed in every round. Using their skills of smell, taste, attention and experience, the Cupper must identify the different cup in the triangle as fast as he or she can do it.


The best eight competitors with more correct answers and in the shortest time will advance to the following round. Later, the four first ones will once again compete in the final to determine the World Champion Cupper.


In the 2015 Cuppers World Cup, Juan Gabriel of the company Ecomtrading had defeated Mateusz Petlinski of Germany, Yoeri Joostten of Holland and Krisse McGregor of New Zealand.

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