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May 24, 2016



I discovered my passion for innovation and creativity in the culinary arts while working as a bartender for 15 years.  In 2009 I had the opportunity to enroll in a barista course through the Costa Rica Coffee Institute and I immediately fell in love with this industry.

After working as a barista for the next couple of years I decided to compete in Costa Rica´s Barista Championship for the first time in 2011!

After competing in 2011, 2012 and 2013, I decided to take some time away from work to be with my family.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make but this time off helped me realize that coffee is a part of my life and this newfound realization enabled me to obtain the coveted title of Costa Rica´s Barista Champion.

My passion for innovation and creativity in the culinary arts along with my ability to persevere and overcome any obstacle I face has allowed to truly find my place in this amazing industry!


Why are you excited to visit Dublin for the WBC?
It is my first time in Europe, I am also really excited about getting to know so many coffee professionals from around the world.


Which cafés in Dublin are you most excited to visit?
3FE, The Fumbally, Tamp & Stitch


What excites you most about the Irish speciality coffee market?
I am looking forward to check out their trend in brewing at the cafes


Please list the barista contests you have participated in, they year they took place and your results.

- 5th Place 2011 Costa Rica Barista Championship
- 4th Place 2012 Costa Rica Barista Championship
- 6th Place 2013 Costa Rica Barista Championship
- 1st Place 2015 Costa Rica Barista Championship


Name a coffee professional that you admire and why.
Toño Barrantes, he makes a difference in production, using exotic varieties researching for many years. But mainly for his open mind for sharing knowledge


What coffee-producing country would you most like to visit and why?
Ethiopia, to have the opportunity to see, understand and compare so many kind of genetic materials.


What coffee are you using in the WBC? Please describe it.
Is a Geisha variety from FCJ Volcan Azul, produced by Alejo Castro


What is a current trend in coffee that excites you?
The way baristas are more involved at the farm and work together with the producers


Which cafés (beside your own) do you think everyone should visit?
Terarosa, I haven´t been there personally, but I have read about it, an friends tell me it is a must see.


What would you like to see change in the coffee industry in the next 10 years?
More technical advancements to help reduce the environmental impact to the coffee farms.


What are your interests outside of coffee?
Spend time with my kids, listen music


What are your personal/professional goals for the next 10 years?
Travel to learn more, have my own coffee business


What is the most important role of the professional barista?
Get in touch with the farm and producers, and then educating and sharing with the consumers about the hard work they do.



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